Project for Awesome Raised $1.27M for More Than 20 Charities

Each year, Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green hold a charity fundraiser known as the Project For Awesome (aka P4A), which aims to decrease “Worldsuck.” This year, the eighth annual Project — which flooded YouTube with videos lobbying for charitable donation — raised almost $1.3 million. On Wednesday John Green announced in a video which charities won a portion of the funding.Read the full article

On Writing, Looking for Alaska Turning 10, and Winning the Project for Awesome

Looking for Alaska 10th Anniversary Edition: In which John discusses writing, the 10th anniversary of first novel Looking for Alaska, and the charities chosen by nerdfighteria to receive grants from the 2014 Project for Awesome. Thanks to everyone who has read and shared Looking for Alaska over lo these many years. Penguin built a lovely site to share your experiences with the story: The lovely temerityjane on twitter: --- Subscribe to our newsletter! And join the community at Help transcribe videos - John's twitter - John's tumblr - Hank's twitter - Hank's tumblr -