Device Dogma: How Cisco Wins at Content Marketing by Predicting the Future

by Alyssa Hertig
Cisco’s storytelling focuses on one fascinating question: What will the future of the Internet look like? Smartphones aren’t the end-all for connected devices. Sensors are creeping into our cars, homes, and even our trash cans. Down the line, maybe sensors around the house will notify us when something happens.Read the full article

Internet of Everything | Circle Story (:60)

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Retail Center Creates “Everyday Wonder"

In London, Trinity Leeds’ delights shoppers, provokes curiosity, and gives tenants technology tools to help them succeed. Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel:

Where is Cisco going?

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  • The internet of trashcans is here and it’s more awesome than it sounds - 37 readers, 289 Tweets - In an unnamed city in Asia, AGT, a Swiss security firm, has teamed up with Cisco to install internet-connected sensors in trash bins. The idea is simple: the city knows when bins are full or empty, so it can plan more efficient routes for trash collectors and their trucks. Save enough on fuel and labor...