Skype makes a new pitch for the WhatsApp era

by Tanya Dua
Skype has an image problem: Most people still don’t use it beyond delivering birthday video wishes to grandma or making painful video conference calls at work. But its new campaign is out to change that, highlighting the platform’s utility as an everyday tool of communication that offers a suite of products from video to instant messaging to file sharing to group calling.Read the full article

Skype – Pet Detective Top 5 Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

Has your pet gone missing? Valeriy is the man to call to help you track down your favorite four-legged friend. Here are his professional pet detective tips for finding your lost pet. Because time is always of the essence, Skype can help you gather and distribute information quickly. Learn more about Valeriy at

Skype – Watching your pet

Sometimes Tyler can’t take his super-cute dog Bo out with him, so he always sets up auto-answer on Skype before he leaves the house. That way he can call in throughout the day to check on Bo and make sure he’s doing ok. Learn more at

Skype - Turning the Tide

See how journalists Anna Therese Day and Gianluca Panella use Skype to tell the alarming story of an island nation being washed away by the rising seas of climate change. Learn more about the story of Kiribati at