Social Media Management for Small Business, Agencies, and Freelancers

by Gail Gardner
Managing multiple social media accounts is complicated and confusing. Many find remembering usernames, passwords and where to log into each social media network more than they want to do each do. If you’re a freelancer or agency who has more than one set of social media accounts it gets even worse. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to organize what you do and measure your results.Read the full article

Oktopost 2 Minute Sprint

Super high level of the Oktopost B2B social media management platform. Fasten your seat belts - this is fast! In this video we will show you the very basic functions of Oktopost. -Posting: Message Console, Message Assets and Autoposter -Listening: Networks & Streams -Content: Let Oktopost suggest relevant content for you to share -Reports: In-depth reporting on your campaigns, posts and messages with lead data

How to Capture Valuable Lead Data

With Oktopost, you can see exactly which social network, profile and post a specific lead came from, enabling you to easily measure social media marketing ROI.