Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Voice to Text | Spotify App for Windows Update

by Tim Sohn
Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Facebook Messenger Test: Reading Voice Messages (SocialTimes) One of the most useful features of text messaging and messaging services like Facebook Messenger is the fact that users can communicate via those channels when they are in places where voice calls would be difficult to hear, such as parties, bars, ...Read the full article

  • Facebook can listen to voice clips to automatically transcribe them - 32 readers, 33 Tweets - The Californian firm’s Messenger app lets people send voice clips. From today, Facebook is adding a tool that automatically transcribes these clips and posts a typed version, below the audio.

  • Facebook Plans Voice-to-Text for Messenger - 28 readers, 76 Tweets - Facebook will continue investing in and developing more capabilities for its Messenger application, such as voice-to-text transcription and tools for consumers to talk to businesses, a senior Facebook official said Monday.

  • Facebook Testing a Feature That Will Turn Voice Clips Into Text - 28 readers, 360 Tweets - The idea is to make it easier for users to get audio messages when they are in situations that make listening to a recording inconvenient.

  • Spotify Gets a New Lick of Paint on Windows Phone - 40 readers, 312 Tweets - Spotify has today announced an update for its Windows Phone app that brings a new darker look to the music streaming service. Available to download now for Windows Phone 8…

  • Brands Salute MLK, but When Does Inspiring Become Exploiting? - 28 readers, 357 Tweets - Here we are celebrating the life and legacy of civil rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And right on cue, brands are tweeting out messages of rememberance stamped with the company's logo, or even the product itself. To be fair, no one has tweeted anything terribly egregious today. [UPDATE: Whoops, we spoke too soon.

  • Say Happy Birthday to Facebook's Oldest Member - 42 readers, 992 Tweets - You'll never guess the age of this social media maven.

  • Two Pro-Clinton Groups in Talks to Join Social Media Forces - 24 readers, 136 Tweets - With Hillary Clinton’s not-yet-official presidential campaign revving up, the shadow campaigns are winding down. And as part of that, the outside Democratic groups that support her are discussing how to merge their efforts to help Clinton. Ready for Hillary, the energetic, pro-Clinton super PAC,...