For Doctors Without Borders, Content Marketing Is a Matter of Life or Death

by Alyssa Hertig
Doctors Without Borders operates at the front lines of some of humanity’s most profound dramas. They send brave medics to war-torn regions, natural disasters, and other major emergencies, whether that be South Sudan or refugee camps filled with displaced peoples fleeing violence in Iraq. The humanitarian organization is also widely recognized for its role in fighting Ebola, and ...Read the full article

The Boy Who Tricked Ebola

In the area for Ebola-confirmed patients in the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Case Management Center in Foya, Liberia, roughly two-thirds of patients don’t survive the Ebola virus. The patients receiving treatment gather on wooden benches and plastic chairs if they have the strength. Other patients can only lie in bed while their immune systems try to fight the deadly virus in their bodies. Mamadee, 11 years old, is different. As the other patients watch, he performs a dance to Azonto, a type of music that originated in Ghana, on the radio. He jumps, he ducks, he steps to the side, first left, then right, then left, then right, jumps again, turns, swings his hips and shakes his arms. He doesn’t stop, and he doesn’t get tired. It is difficult to believe, but Mamadee is an Ebola-confirmed patient.