Patrick McKenzie on Using Funnels and A/B Testing To Grow a Business

by Zach Bulygo
Patrick McKenzie has made a name for himself as a respected thought leader in the SaaS marketing space. He has a popular blog called Kalzumeus and runs an appointment reminder service fittingly called Appointment Reminder. He’s also the creator of Bingo Card Creator. As a well known member of the Hacker News community, he is frequently asked to give talks and share his advice.Read the full article

Patrick McKenzie - Engineering your marketing outcomes - Business of Software 2011

Patrick McKenzie of Kalzumeus Software. Marketing comes naturally to some people. Unfortunately, few of them go on to found software companies. Patrick talks about types of marketing that use engineering skills and won't be rabidly opposed to your developers. Instead of spending a few weeks cranking out one more feature that won't be seen by 1% of your users and increase the value of your software by