Super Bowl Video Ads: The Playing Field Is Wide Open For Advertisers To Score Big

by Amy Gesenhues
As the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots prepare for Super Bowl Sunday, many brands have already taken the field, launching Super Bowl advertising campaigns well in advance of game night. According to advertising expert Anita Newton, there is a lot more experimentation happening this year, from a number of teaser ad campaigns already in play to YouTube’s first-ever halftime show.Read the full article

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

A pint-sized Darth Vader uses the Force when he discovers the all-new 2012 Passat in the driveway. This award-winning commercial first aired during the 2011 Big Game. Watch our 2012 Game Day commercial here:

Esurance Featuring John Krasinski - Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial

Esurance Super Bowl 2014 TV Spot Featuring John Krasinski Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial John Krasinski fills us in on the money that Esurance saved by buying the first commercial after the Super Bowl. Incidentally, it's the same amount that you could win when you tweet #EsuranceSave30. Click here to subscribe to our channel: Visit Commercial Archive Blog Visit us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Agency Media Contacts (MPG) Mood Funny Tagline "Insurance For The Modern World" Social Tweet #Esurance30 Insurance /Auto & General /Esurance commercial, Commercial Archive, commercials, reklam, werbung, tv, spot, ads, superbowl, Advertisement, prank, banned, viral, reklame, 2013 commercial youtube commercial youtube account commercial youtube channel commercial youtube downloader commercial youtube funny commercial youtube videos commercial youtube use commercial youtube bear youtube commercial blocker youtube commercial breaks commercial youtube commercial youtube poop japanese commercial youtubers react taco bell commercial youtubers old spice commercial youtube poopery commercial youtube heineken commercial youtube progressive commercial youtube lacoste commercial youtube pepsi commercial youtube