Captain Up Launches to Boost User Engagement, Retention

Captain Up, an engagement and retention platform which specializes in gaming and social tools, has announced its global public launch. The company aims to turn casual app and website users into loyal customers through the integration of user retention and monetization tools, which make experiences feel more social, or feel more like games.Read the full article

Captain Up Activates your Users -

The Captain Up Engagement platform boosts User Retention and experience with tailor-made incentives to fit each user's behavior profile based on any user actions your business cares for. Sign Up Free: Install our WordPress plugins: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Support: Captain Up is an Enagement platform for websites and mobile applications. Users earn points for visiting, sharing, commenting, bringing other visitors to your site and many more actions. You get in return an amazing boost in user retention, engagement and virality. Think of it as your site frequent flyer program. Out of the box Captain Up ships with a complete experience features 150 different badges and 30 levels your users can achieve and progress to while doing important actions on your site. Captain Up offers complete control over the challenges and how users can achieve them. We support a vide variety of actions out of the box - visiting, tweeting, liking, spending time on site, commenting, watching videos - while also allowing new business-specific actions to be created and customized. Captain Up deep insights and analytics allow your to see and learn about your most passionate users and investigate all the actions and engagement happening on your site. Understand your users, what motivates them, and how you can improve it. The Captain Up integration takes just a few minutes. Copy paste our script to your site or download our wordpress plugin and you're all set. It's that easy! We offer two great widgets to supercharge your site with: The Activity Widget shows all the recent activities of your users and brings a sense of vibrancy, action and community to it, while the Leaderboard Widget will drive users to compete against one another to become the ultimate victor. Captain Up adds a lot of features to ensure your site will boom. Users can get more points for having large followers base on Twitter or a lot of friends on Facebook. When users gain a level or achieve a badge they are motivated to share it to their timeline or tweet about it. If people visit your site through that share - your users will get even more points! Sign Up Free: Install our WordPress plugins: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Support: