Ecommerce: Blurring the lines between online and offline experiences

by Erin Hogg
What does the No. 2 song of 2013 and ecommerce have in common? Blurred lines. “The retail customer has an experience, and they expect that experience to be consistent, no matter where they engage with that company,” said Ryan West, CEO, West Music. “Our responsibility as omnichannel retailers is to blur the lines and make sure it’s going to be impactful, no matter where they engage with us.Read the full article

B2B E-commerce: Blurring the lines between online and offline presences

Watch exclusive interviews from the MarketingSherpa Media Center -- live from IRCE, the world's largest e-commerce event at Watch this video, just recorded live at IRCE in Chicago, as MarketingSherpa's Allison Banko interviewed Sean Cook, CEO, ShopVisible, and Ryan West, CEO, WestMusic. In the MarketingSherpa Media Center, Cook and West revealed how maintaining an omnichannel presence is critical for B2B companies. "Marketers need to have a realization that companies are filled with people. You might be selling to an enterprise, but they are filled with people, too," Cook said. Cook and West discussed how the bar for B2B companies has been raised due to the ever-connected customer on multiple devices. Watch this video to learn how much the lines between online and offline e-commerce companies have been blurred, and how to meet that challenge.