UGC Can Strengthen the Relationship Between Your Social Media and Content Marketing

For marketers, there is no hope for social media without superb content, and there is no better medium for distributing content than on social media. We're stuck with this "arranged marriage," which is why it's time to do some relationship counseling. Currently, the dynamic is too one-sided: Content marketers make stuff, the social marketers have to distribute it, and the a ...Read the full article

GoPro: Speedflying Through Buildings

Gage Galles takes speedflying to the next level as he swoops between two buildings. Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from Get stoked and subscribe:

THE NEW MINI | Final Test Test Drives: Vertigo

One wide-open, multi-level parking garage. Two minutes to see just how fast the new MINI Hardtop can motor. Ready, set, motor away, Ryan G. Watch all the test drives: