9 brands running Super Bowl ads for the first time

by Tanya Dua
The stage is set, the battle scheduled and the players are prepared for combat. And no, we aren’t talking about the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. As the Super Bowl looms, a number of brands are preparing to air their first-ever ads during the Big Game. The hefty $4.5 million price tag for 30 seconds of air time isn’t acting as much of a deterrent.Read the full article

Weight Watchers, "If You're Happy"

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Carnival Corporation - Cruise Virgin's - World Leading Cruise Line Challenge

Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference

Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.

Wix.com Big Game Commercial | Wix’s #ItsThatEasy Big Game Campaign

Wix.com presents the full length version of our big game ad! It’s life after football for Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Terrell Owens, Larry Allen & Franco Harris, as these NFL greats trade in their jerseys for new uniforms as small business owners. Watch to find out more. #ItsThatEasy To stay connected with Wix.com’s Big Game campaign, go to our dedicated hub #ItsThatEasy on Wix.com. http://www.wix.com/itsthateasy About Wix Wix.com lets everyone create a professional website for free. Choose a template, customize anything, and get online today! It’s that easy. Whether you're a designer, student, musician, small business owner, photographer, or entrepreneur - Wix.com has something for you. With our intuitive drag n’ drop Editor and over 500 templates for every type of business, you can easily create your website just the way you want. Best of all, your Wix site is mobile optimized, so visitors can find you anytime, anywhere.

Loctite Super Glue: Dance

With Loctite in your fanny pack, you can help a lot.

All You Need is Ecuador - Adventure

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