How to Pick the Right Domain Name (+ 11 Domain Name Tools, FS090)

by Chase Reeves
“I’m struggling to settle on a domain name! The one I want is already taken. Are hyphens ok? What about using a .biz or .net or .co? Help!” Have you ever asked questions like these? We get them in the forums and emails all the time. It’s time we shared our honest advice and stories on it. In this episode we get into all the important domain name issues like choosing a TLD (.com, .co, .net, etc.Read the full article

Steve Jobs: How Apple got its name. Computer

How Apple Inc was named "How the name Apple was developed". In a 1980 presentation. Why Apple was namedApple computer. : "Steve Jobs" History. Mentions working at Atari.... Microsoft Gates. *please advise it you think that some of the audio has been interpreted incorrectly in captions.