Juice Drink Brand Teams With Spoken Word Poet & Orchestra For Delicious Mashup

by Steve Hall
Britvic, maker of the popular UK soft drink J2O, teamed with digital agency TH_NK to launch a month-long partnership with spoken word poet James Massiah and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. The campaign, There’s Joy in the Blend, is comprised of 20 videos which will be released each business day during the month of February.Read the full article

James' spoken word 2 Orchestral music #1 - The Big Blend Theory

In the first of twenty unique performances, Spoken Word artist James Massiah used onomatopoeia to introduce our exciting new blend. Featuring Elgar’s ‘Pomp & Circumstance’, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, we hope you agree that 'The Big Blend Theory'' is an explosive start to our #J2Oblends series. Discover all the blends at; http://www.j2o.co.uk/joy-in-the-blend https://www.facebook.com/J2O & https://twitter.com/J2O There's Joy In The Blend ----------------------------------- The Big Blend Theory two dreamers dreamed in darkest night then flash! we woke and we collided like two atoms in the deep the chance had come for us to meet and with a bang! a whoosh! a breeze! there came an earth, with trees and seas an earth of words spoken and sung all green, the blue was strings and drums and trumps, conductors, sheets and horns of this, our planet will be formed in it shall live the RPO who near a century ago were born to play the sweetest sounds that one might hear in London town and i, the wordsmith, who with voice shall tell the story of this voyage as we ride from tune to tune we hope that you will join us too Enjoy our grooves! and all we’ve made should cheer the heart and entertain so tell a foe! so tell a friend to check the way we mix and blend