The Best Branded Content of January

by Joe Lazauskas
Forget McDonald’s decision to become a real-time cheerleader for every other Super Bowl advertiser, or Nationwide’s admirable quest to be the wet blanket at 25 million Super Bowl parties simultaneously—I want to talk about Denny’s Twitter game. @DennysDiner doesn’t need to wait for a ubiquitous American entertainment event to shine in all of its high-cholesterol glory.Read the full article

Aubrey Plaza Prepares America for Newcastle’s Band of Brands Ad

Get ready for the most exciting, most jam-packed, most fiscally responsible big game Ad ever: Newcastle’s Band of Brands. Aubrey Plaza couldn’t be more excited. Well, she could be, but she isn’t.

Newcastle Brown Ale's Call for Brands, featuring Aubrey Plaza

Brands of America, football is a team sport. And now marketing is too. Introducing Newcastle’s Band of Brands. #BandOfBrands

Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference

Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.

Newcastle presents Band Of Brands: 37 Brands, One big game Ad #BandOfBrands

It’s the most exciting, most jam-packed, most fiscally responsible big game ad ever. It’s Newcastle’s Band of Brands big game ad, featuring 37 of the universe’s best brands… and a dental office in Pittsburgh. #BandOfBrands To see more action-packed marketing, visit

The Grand Slams Trailer – Meet the Slams

Just like you, we play with our food. And we play serious. Egg, Bacon, Pancake and Sausage. The whole gang is alive and up for anything. Introducing The Grand Slams. It’s breakfast anthropomorphized and attitude-ized.

Tinder Dating Test: Do Girls Like Guys with Beards or Well Groomed?

Gillette and Tinder got together to ask: do girls like guys with beards or well groomed? They found: *Well-groomed guys got 74% of right swipes, and more Tinder success stories than those with beards or scruffy facial hair. Bottom Line: Get shaved right, get swiped right. Learn more: See some of Gillette’s Shaving Products that will help you keep the girls swiping right: Subscribe to Gillette's YouTube Channel: Other Gillette Channels: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Gillette and Tinder found that girls like well groomed guys over guys with beards. *The 74% is based on 25,308 US-based Tinder users ages 18-19 from 10/17/14 to 10/31/14

The Grand Slams Episode 2 – Time to Grind

The Grand Slams think Coffee seems different these days. More brash and famous now that he’s Bold Coffee. Is he really all he’s ground up to be, or is that sweet handlebar mustache a fake?