4 Truths About Human Nature Every Marketer Needs to Know Before Writing a Word of Copy

These psychological triggers will help you get a leg (or two) up on the competition. Image by Amanda Shigehiro via Flickr. Writing effective landing page copy isn’t just about nailing a really clever pun. It’s about understanding that real people are responsible for every click on your landing page. Have a look at your most recent landing page.Read the full article

Very tempting Marshmallow test

See how little kids try to resist the urge to eat a marshmallow! - This marshmallow experiment is a famous test conducted on the concept by Walter Mischel at the Stanford University. In the 1960s, a group of four-year olds were given a marshmallow and were promised to receive another one, but only if they could wait 20 minutes until they ate the first one. Some kids could wait, but others could not. See for yourself :)