How Quirky Invented a Truly Original Content Operation

by Tessa Wegert
If necessity is the mother of invention, then Quirky is its magnanimous uncle. Quirky, which was founded in 2009 by inventor Ben Kaufman when he was 25, turns consumer product ideas into bankable inventions with an unorthodox approval process. People submit their ideas online, Quirky’s staff reviews them, and the top 10 or so are discussed and voted on by the public during a l ...Read the full article

Inventor Story: Robert Sweeney Robert Sweeney is an accomplished designer from Winnipeg, Canada who enjoys the simpler things in life, such as thinking, walking, and sketching. He’s also the inventor of Tripper, Quirky+GE’s smart window/door sensor. He stopped by our offices a few months ago, and we were instantly charmed by his sweet personality and openness. He shared his story and told us why he invents.

The Art of Glass Blowing

The art of glass blowing has been around for ages, but it has hardly changed in its thousand-year existence. Through the repetition of their craft, the talented glass blowers of Brooklyn Glass hope to become as technically proficient as the masters who came before them.

3D Printer 101 with Andrew Brase Andrew Brase manages Quirky HQ’s “shop”, which houses everything from basic tools to state-of-the-art equipment for product making and modeling. He’s a bona fide expert when it comes to 3D printing technology, but he only became a pro through good ol’ trial and error. Andrew knows our complex printers inside out, and for the most part, he’s entirely self-taught. I asked him to talk about his passion and take us through the basics of 3D printing…

How to make a cardboard prototype Wait! Don’t toss that box. Turn it into a cardboard prototype. Ordinary boxes are the perfect building blocks for making a prototype that’ll help your invention submission stand out. For more information visit

Quirky's School of Invention

Class is officially in session! Introducing Quirky's School of Invention. This new initiative encourages kids of all ages to become the great inventors of tomorrow—because when it comes to inventing, age ain't nothing but a number. Even though school's out for summer, we never stop inspiring. Just ask Jackson (featured in the video above), the super-smart first grader who graduated with honors from our inaugural class. The School of Invention's curriculum includes a guided tour of Quirky's facilities, an intensive study in prototyping and 3D printing, a masterclass in invention history, and much more. Instead of a diploma, you'll walk away with your next big idea. Ready to enroll? If you're a student, educator, or camp counselor, send an email to

Quirky Manufacturing

Quirky Presents: The Art of Neon

Meet our neighbor Stephen Conlon, the last of a dying breed of neon light artisans. We caught up with Steve as he put the finishing touches on a sign for our new office expansion to talk about his craft, New York City and the history of neon. Awesome awesome stuff.