The Top Content Creation and SEO Tactics You Need to Know, with Rand Fishkin

by Zach Bulygo
Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of Moz and one of the leading voices in the SEO world. Along with his work at Moz, he’s co-founded and co-wrote The Art of SEO. At Moz, his current position is the “Wizard of Moz”, where he contributes to individual teams within Moz. A sought after speaker, he’s given many presentations on his findings in SEO and the lessons he’s learned in marketing.Read the full article

Rand Fishkin - Helping Customers Find You Online. The Everchanging World of Online Marketing

Business of Software USA 2014 - Rand Fishkin - Art of SEO,, and Moz

How can you maximize acquisition and top of funnel for software companies (channels, tactics, team, consultants, CRO, etc) and not fall foul of the rapidly evolving battle between Google (and other search engines) and marketers?

In such a fast moving area, it is no surprise that staying at the top requires focus and is exhausting. Rand will also share some of the personal issues that he has faced as a company founder – attachment to the business he founded, the problems he faced as CEO, how he came to terms with stepping down from the CEO role at the Moz.

Rand is one of the most interesting people in a fast moving industry. Bright, energetic, articulate, transparent and thoughtful, Rand is always entertaining, thought provoking and leaves people with great ideas that they can take and put to work in their own lives and businesses.