Best Practices For Getting Your Branded Video Seen

by Nate Birt
If the Internet is an ocean, video is what keeps the currents flowing. Although the web has more text-based content than you can shake a stick at, the reality is that video has built its own online empire. Statistics show as much. For example, Cisco reports that by 2018, IP video traffic will represent 79% of consumer Internet traffic—a 13-point increase from just five years earlier.Read the full article

Airbnb Hosts: Living a Richer Life

Why rent out your extra space on We thought we would have our community tell you in their own words. See their stories and more:

Chasing Starlight - An Adventure in the Canadian Rockies

There's a certain feeling that you get from standing under a truly dark sky for the first time. Although it's hard describe the exact feeling of awe that's felt, it's an experience that doesn't leave you. In fact, it's something that can change you. It can make you forget about sleeping when the sun has set and instead readies you for an adventure.This timelapse is about capturing the adventure of chasing star filled skies and the feeling you get from experiencing it. I hope it inspires people to find their own adventure chasing the stars. Chasing Starlight was shot using a Nikon D800E & a Nikon D810 equipped with Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 lenses. | Instagram: @jackfusco |