Living in Terror of Negative Reviews?

by Gail Gardner
Has your business been hesitant to fully participate online? Many are because they fear bad reviews. While this is a valid concern, not being online won’t protect you. People are talking about your brand whether you choose to see or participate or not. It is far better to know what is being said than to ignore it.Read the full article

The Top Online Reputation Don'ts Managing your online reputation involves knowing how to behave in general so that you don't accidentally do something to damage your online reputation on your own. It's important to always be aware of who you are, what you stand for, and to accurately project that to people online. Here are the five online reputation management Don'ts. 1. Don't Lie and BS 2. Don't forget who you are 3. Don't attack others 4. Don't forget the golden rule 5. Don't ignore the buzz You should always be aware of what your online reputation is in order to manage it! Remember, what you don't know, can hurt you!