Building a strong personal brand in a conservative professional industry

Charles Badenach is an award-winning financial adviser with a passion for helping people, a trait that has helped him build his profile through content marketing and the judicious use of social media. Post-GFC Charles was determined to make himself recession-proof and subsequently set about building a personal brand with a view it would serve him for the rest of his career.Read the full article

Teaching Young Adults about Money

In this video Charles Badenach discussing the important but often forgotten topic - teaching young adults about money. In this video Charles gives an insight into some of the issues which you need to consider as a parent.

Client Testimonial - Helen Holmes "Happy Retiree"

In this video Helen Holmes explains the value of using a financial planner and why using Charles Badenach in this process was one of the best decisions that she has made.

Client Story - Gabe Gossage - "Planet Pen"

In this sort video Gabe Gossage explains why he started the charity known as "Planet Pen" which has revolutionised education in the developing world. This is an inspiring story of someone working locally but having an impact globally.