IKEA Solves Household Clutter And Discord With Emoticon App

by Steve Hall
Branded apps are all the rage. Last week, Ray-Ban released a photo app called Reflections which allows for a photo to be taken from the front and back camera simultaneously and then to be combined with filters and other effects. This week, furniture brand IKEA, working with Kindling Digital, is out with an app, called Emoticons, for iPhone and Android.Read the full article


Improving communication at home with IKEA Emoticons Men and women have always found difficulty in communication. In the home situation misunderstandings occur most around clutter. And that is why IKEA introduces Emoticons: a communication tool to ensure universal love and understanding in your home. All your hints, desires and questions will be understood right away. Give it a try. Start spreading happiness. http://www.IKEA.nl/emoticons