OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan and AdFraud

by Michael Levanduski
OpenX is an online ad exchange that has seen a lot of success over the past several years. In 2014 they brought in over $100 million in net revenues, and they have said that their goal is to compete with Google AdWords to become the top ad exchange in the world. While they have a ways to go before they do that, they are still a significant player in the game.Read the full article

  • Ad Exchange OpenX Says It’s Battling Ad Fraud Head-On - 7 readers, 56 Tweets - Programmatic advertising is booming. Marketers and media owners are increasingly buying and selling ad space using automated software tools instead of phones and email, and technology companies are grappling to position theirs as the software tool of choice.One of those companies is OpenX, an online ad marketplace or "exchange" that hopes to riv...