Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Ads Relevance Score | House of Cards Tease

by Tim Sohn
Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Facebook Adds Relevance Scores to Ad Reports (SocialTimes) Facebook wants to give advertisers better feedback, and the company announced Wednesday that advertisers will see relevance scores (on a scale of one to 10) in their ad reporting tools.Read the full article

  • Facebook Starts Showing ‘Relevance’ Scores to Advertisers - 12 readers, 400 Tweets - Facebook relies heavily on advertising to make money, so keeping its advertisers happy is important. Today, the company announced a new ‘relevance’ score for its ad reporting tools. The new metric…

  • House of Cards Appears on Netflix for a Hot Second and the Company's Tweets Are Great - 35 readers, 306 Tweets - That was fast: the third season of Netflix's semi-Shakespearean government drama House of Cards momentarily showed up online for long enough to freak out the entire Internet, but the company is in damage-control (read: joke-making) mode. It's a mode they're good at. This is Washington. There's always a leak.

  • How 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' conquered the social web - 20 readers, 1707 Tweets - Jon Stewart's replacement -- and virtually every other late-night program -- will exist in an online world that was largely built by 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.'

  • New 'cat punching' page appears on Facebook - 14 readers, 160 Tweets - Just days after Facebook took down a public "Valentine's Day cat punching event" page depicting animal abuse; a similar page celebrating violence against cats is on the social network.

  • Worldwide Social Media Outrage After Muslim Students Killed In North Carolina - 15 readers, 421 Tweets - The fatal shooting of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Tuesday afternoon has prompted uproar around the world, particularly from Muslims in the Middle East who say U.S. media coverage of stories involving Muslims is often biased....