Revlon’s #LoveIsOn Interactive Ad Lets People Create Animated Valentine’s Day Gifs For Their Loved Ones

by Steve Hall
As part of its ongoing #LoveIsOn campaign, Revlon has launched a special, Valentine’s-Day promotion which allows a person to create a unique, customized Valentine’s Day animated gift for their loved one. In an expandable ad served through the Google Display Network, anyone can create a Valentine’s Day card by choosing a favorite Revlon Ultra HD lipstick, upload an image of t ...Read the full article


We are proud to unveil REVLON LOVE IS ON. A new mission of inspiring Love & connecting with people around the world. From the moment you put on Revlon makeup, we want love to captivate your imagination, to take you on a journey into the world of love, where you will be enchanted by its countless dimensions. #LOVEISON ["Addicted to Love” performed by Eddi Front for Revlon]