The best anti-Valentine’s Day campaigns

by Tanya Dua
Valentine’s Day may mean balloons, bouquets and chocolates for most couples, but what if the sight of such things make you cringe instead of swoon? Take heart, there are other brands and agencies out there that share your sentiment, whether you’re single, heartbroken or just a plain hater. Check out these delightfully bitter campaigns and choose the one that’s right for you: w ...Read the full article

#ShredYourEx "Inseparable"

Using Instagram or Twitter, simply send @ShredYourEx a photo of your ex tagged with #ShredYourEx to watch it print directly into a commercial-grade paper shredder on --- February 14th can be awfully cold when the only thing you’re spooning is a gallon of triple-chocolate-chunk ice cream. This Valentine’s Day, warm your heart with the healing power of sweet destruction. Introducing Shred Your Ex – scientifically engineered to help you get over your ex, while turning the sorrow of your romantic past into healing warmth for real life baby animals. That’s right. All shreds are donated to a local animal shelter, PAWS4EVER, and used as litter for recently spayed and neutered kittens recovering from surgery. So, don’t just delete painful digital memories. Destroy them. And rest easy knowing you’re helping adorable kittens poop in the process.