Autoresponders Generate Leads; How to Convert Subscribers Into Buyers

by Gail Gardner
What are Autoresponders? An Autoresponder allows you to send new subscribers a pre-written series of email messages. To see an example, enter your email address into the black and orange box with the heading Small Business Success in the right sidebar of this site. (A sidebar is the narrow column next to the wider content area.Read the full article

GetResponse Automation Rules

For MORE info on GetResponse Automation Rules go to Have you ever asked yourself, What does Automation do in GetResponse? Well it's the process of setting up rules as to what to do with people who sign up for your list. GetResponse automation rules let you set up certain tasks to happen automatically. Examples: If removed -- then remove: Campaigns can be configured so that when a customer removes himself from one campaign, he can be removed automatically from several. If subscribed -- then remove: If there are two or more campaigns, they can be set up so that when a contact subscribes to one campaign or is added using import, panel or API, he will be removed from the other automatically. If subscribed -- then deactivate: With two or more campaigns in your account, an automation rule can be set up such that, when a contact subscribes to a campaign, he is automatically placed on the inactive list for the campaign he is currently in. He is not removed from your list, just deactivated, so he doesn't receive any more mailings until you choose to activate him again. Upon sale -- then move: Use this rule to have your contacts moved from one campaign to another when they purchase the item offered in the first campaign. Upon sale -- then remove: This rule can be used to remove your contacts from a campaign when a sale is made for that campaign. Upon sale -- then deactivate: When a sale is made in a campaign, the contact is automatically made inactive in the campaign. They are not removed from your list, just deactivated, so they don't receive any more mailings until you choose to activate them again. Upon change -- then synchronize: You can set this rule to preload messages from one specific campaign into another campaign whenever a change is made to the messages. Get Response Email Marketing AutoResponder platform is the best around. To Get Your FREE Trial go to: