Old Spice Uses #NatureFacts Hashtag For Nature-Themed Fresher Collection Campaign

by Steve Hall
Earlier this month, Old Spice launched a campaign to promote its new line of nature-themed body spray and deodorant called Fresher Collection. The brand gave the products names like Nest, Log, Roar, Woods and Coconut. The campaign launched with a two-minute video explaining how using Old Spice Fresher Collection can bring one closer to nature, complete with “nature facts” br ...Read the full article

Old Spice | Fresher Collection | Betterer than Nature

Old Spice lassos nature, unleashes odor fighting donuts and has you smelling manlier than jet-powered chainsaws with the new Fresher Collection.

Old Spice | Coconut

Try not to get sand in your heart when you put this Old Spice Fiji commercial in there.

Old Spice | Roar

If you learn one thing from this Old Spice Fresher Collection commercial, it’s that nature is totally predictable and boring.

Old Spice | Nest

You’ll love when the thing happens with the nature thing and that little thing achieves the thing in this Old Spice Citron commercial.

Old Spice | Woods

Remember this Old Spice Fresher Collection commercial next time you are in charge of deciding whether or not to chop down a beautiful old-growth forest for money so you can buy a submarine that has a wet bar and can break the sound barrier.

Old Spice | Log

This is a commercial for Old Spice Timber called “Log.” If you aren’t excited by a video called “Log,” either you have no heart or are bored by tree anatomy.

Old Spice | Nature Exchange Vending Machine

Get real close to this volcano and put your ear over the hole so it can whisper the secret to liquidating your owl pellet assets and investing your mud fortune in the fleeting gratification of material possessions. (February 12 - 14 | Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall | NYC | Directions: http://spr.ly/OSdirections) Current Vending Machine Menu: 1 Typha/Cattail = Gold Plated Badger Skull A Snake Skin = Ninja Outfit With Fake Throwing Stars Dozen Acorns = Mashed Potatoes And Gravy Shark Tooth = Rollerblades Twig = Old Spice Fresher Collection Product 1 Leaf = A Firm Handshake A Sprig Of Seagrass = Laserdisc Player Clump Of Dirt = Old Spice Fresher Collection Product Tree Bark = Old Spice Fresher Collection Product Lily Pad = Video Game Console Shark Tooth Fossil = Karate Lessons 4 Amoeba = Signed Famous Athlete's Rookie Card Lava Rock = Gold Watch Thistles = 80s Style Sunglasses Fist Sized Rock = Hot Dog Owl Pellet = Telescope Prickly Pear = Giant Medieval Tapestry SOLD OUT! - Ocean Water = All The Wadded Up Cash From A Rich Guy's Nightstand SOLD OUT! - Abalone Shell = Fake Football Trophy SOLD OUT! - 7 Leaf Clover = 80s Foreign Sports Car SOLD OUT! - Brain Coral = Bungie Jumping Vacation SOLD OUT! - 5 Potatoes = Autographed Baseball SOLD OUT! - Pinecone = Vintage Gaming Console SOLD OUT! - Trilobite Fossil = Leather Chair SOLD OUT! - Camellia Flower = Picnic Date (With A Supermodel) SOLD OUT! - Bamboo Stick = $1000 Scholarship to Wrestling School SOLD OUT! - Pyrite = Electric Guitar SOLD OUT! - Lichen = Snow Skis SOLD OUT! - A Very Smooth Rock = Nautical Sextant