6 Google AdWords Features You Should Finally Embrace in 2015

by Andrew Lolk
We saw a lot of valuable Google AdWords features being released in 2014. This January isn’t short of blog posts mentioning the many top features that were released in 2014. But even before 2014, there were many features that aren’t being used in many advertising accounts. This post is intended turn you from a bystander to an expert user of these features in your account.Read the full article

Ad customizers

Learn how you can use ad customizers in AdWords to power your ads with real-time updates, count down to events, and dynamically insert product and price details. Learn more: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6072565

Learn Why and How to Use Callout Extensions in AdWords with White Shark Media

In this Shark Bite, Andrew talks about how to use Callout Extensions in an AdWords Campaign. The video covers: - How you can apply Callout Extensions to your campaigns. - How to set Callout Extensions in 10 min. - How to get more ad space.