Learn Excel with These Top 4 Resources

by Tori Cushing
Learning Excel can be an intimidating and overwhelming process for marketers. I started learning Excel at the age of 15 in my Mom’s office and didn’t think it was very exciting at the time. Now Excel and I are entangled in a complicated love/hate relationship that would challenge the 50 Shades of Grey plot line. On second thought, that isn’t saying much. Enough about my Excel love affair.Read the full article

Dueling Excel - Add an Apostrophe Before Every Number - Duel 170

A question from Michael: he has 20000 cells with numbers and needs to add an apostrophe before each number. F2 - Home - ' - Enter would be way too tedious. Bill and Mike compare two of the many methods to solve this. Add a comment with how you would quickly solve this problem!