Google Science Fair 2015: what will you try?

Science is about observing and experimenting. It’s about exploring unanswered questions, solving problems through curiosity, learning as you go and always trying again. That’s the spirit behind the fifth annual Google Science Fair, kicking off today. Together with LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic, we’re calling on all young research ...Read the full article

Google Science Fair: Meet Ann Makosinski

Meet Ann Makosinski, winner of the 15-16 Age Category of the Google Science Fair 2013. Inspired by friends that could not afford electricity, Ann created a battery-free flashlight that generates light from the heat of the human hand.

Kenneth Shinozuka - Wearable Sensors for Aging Society

Meet Kenneth Shinozuka, winner of the 2014 Scientific American Science in Action Award at the Google Science Fair. See the winning project:

Google Science Fair 2012- Harine

The Google Science Fair is an online science competition seeking curious minds from the four corners of the globe. Anybody and everybody between 13 and 18 can enter. All you need is an idea. Harine, a 2011 Google Science Fair finalist from Southern India, tells us about what inspired her to look into ways of improving power supplies to remote villages in the developing world. Production: Across The Pond Producer: Aaron Hutchinson Director/Camera: Joe Shaw