7 PPC Agency Strategies to Save Time and Get Better Results for Your Clients

by Margot Da Cunha
Are you an agency struggling to juggle multiple clients’ paid search accounts simultaneously? Or perhaps your agency also manages PR, video production, and social advertising in addition to PPC? Agency life is tough! There needs to be a Zen-like balance between generating results to keep your current client base happy, but also bringing on new clients to keep your agency’s revenue on an uphil.Read the full article

Managing Agency PPC the 80/20 Way: How to Achieve Better Results with Less Effort -Webinar

Agency life is stressful. You're juggling multiple clients with different goals, deadlines & expectations and on top of it you're now managing PPC for them. Sure does sound exhausting! In an ideal world you'd reduce time spent on paid search, improve efficiency and free up time to take on more clients, right? Let us show you how. In this webinar, you'll learn: - What makes an ideal client for YOUR Agency - Best practices to manage multiple accounts simultaneously - How to recruit PPC superstars - Tips to kick off the customer relationship - And so much more! For more information about WordStream, visit www.wordstream.com.