Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Ads | Reddit Donation

by Tim Sohn
Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Facebook Details its Commitment to Viewed Impressions for Ads (SocialTimes) Facebook’s latest step toward giving its advertisers the most accurate measurement of the effectiveness of their campaigns is its focus on viewed impressions, as opposed to served impressions.Read the full article

  • Facebook Says It Won't Charge for an Ad Unless Someone Sees It | WIRED - 29 readers, 567 Tweets - Facebook wants people to know that it only counts ads that are actually seen by humans.

  • Facebook Says it Only Sells Viewable Ads - 22 readers, 64 Tweets - In an attempt to set the mind of its advertiser clients at rest, Facebook said on Wednesday it now charges only for ads across its service that are viewable, and that it's been doing so for the past eight months.

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  • Is Social Media a Waste of Time? | WIRED - 24 readers, 626 Tweets - Whether you’re every other freelance blogger at your local coffee shop (latte in hand) or a small business owner struggling to keep the lights on, it’s certainly a question worth pondering. The answer to such a question, relayed to us by a faceless sea of “gurus,” “experts” and tech start-up superstars is a resounding “Of…

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