A Foolproof Guide to Millennial-Friendly Video Marketing

by Ritika Puri
Millennial audiences are a tough crowd to please. We’re heavy researchers, natural skeptics, and are—as one infographic points out—"completely unfazed by celebrity endorsements and star-studded ads." Our purchase paths are more convoluted than shoppers of other generations, and we have zero tolerance for salesy, spammy, and deceptive marketing.Read the full article

GoldieBlox & Rube Goldberg "Princess Machine"

http://bit.ly/HWNb4S -- check out the toys and behind the scenes. We're GoldieBlox, a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. We believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future — literally. Our founder, Debbie Sterling, is a Stanford engineer who decided last year that girls need more choices than the pink aisle has to offer. She developed GoldieBlox, an interactive book series + construction set starring Goldie, the kid inventor who loves to build. This year, we wondered what we could do to showcase the amazing inventive power that girls have. So...we might have recruited three young girls and that guy who made OK Go's famous Rube Goldberg machine to turn an average home into a massive, magical contraption. ------------------------------------------------- CREDITS ------------------------------------------------- The Inventors: Sabrina Reese Raven Lyrics performed by: Raven Creative Director: Beau Lewis Machine Creative Director: Brett Doar Film Director: the Academy Executive Producer: GoldieBlox Inc Music: PicoSound Animation by: Ed Skudder & Lynn Wang Special thanks to GitHub Studios