January’s Google Analytics Blog Insights to Grow Your Business

Here’s your summary of what happened over on the Google Analytics blog, and in the analytics industry in general, in January and how you and your team can take advantage of these developments. Who Should Care: Advertisers, large e-commerce businesses Level of complexity: Advanced The Gist: On January 15th Marketo hosted a Google sponsored webinar The webinar details the im ...Read the full article

Introduction to the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on

Building a dashboard with the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on

Boost Conversions by Infusing Google Remarketing with Marketo Real-Time Personalization

Dan Stone, Product Manager at Google, speaks with Mike Telem and Mike Tomita from Marketo about the values of real-time personalization, web analytics, and remarketing, including: - How personalization and remarketing work together - How Marketo doubled conversion rates with them - How your organization can get started with Marketo Real-Time Personalization and Google Remarketing

Google Analytics Platform Principles - Lesson 2.4 Measurement Protocol data collection

This video is part of the Google Analytics Platform Principles course on Analytics Academy. View the full course at https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/platform-principles. What you'll learn: Understand what the Measurement Protocol is and how it can be used to track activity on any digitally connected device.