‘Save the Bros’ resonates with bromosapiens everywhere

by Tanya Dua
Bros love partying, and can be identified by the ubiquitous red Solo cups in their hands. Bros wear sports jerseys and baseball caps (usually turned backwards). Bros love pumping up some iron. And now, bros apparently love dairy coop brand Organic Valley too. The brand’s latest digital campaign called “Save the Bros” has touched a chord with the bromosexual brommunity, garneri ...Read the full article

Save The Bros

http://www.savethebros.com Our bros are in trouble. Learn how you can help save our beloved Bromo Sapiens from chugging toxic chemical junk found in their favorite food source: protein shakes. Organic Valley has a solution. It's called Organic Fuel. Watch this important film and share it with a bro. Get the facts and get involved at http://www.savethebros.com