How To Import One Spreadsheet Into Another In Google Drive [VIDEO]

by Annie Cushing
At YourTango, I work with an editorial team. And editorial teams love working in Google Docs. I’ve never seen so many in my life. But managing them can be a bear because sometimes you have to have multiple Google Docs open in different tabs to provide context for the research you’re doing. So I’ve been exposing the team to crazy techniques like dynamically pulling a data set ...Read the full article

Importing Data from One Spreadsheet in Google Docs to Another

Based on this post: . Learn how to import live data from one Google Doc to another spreadsheet in Google Sheets using the awesome IMPORTRANGE function. When you update the data in the original spreadsheet it will update automatically wherever you've imported it. And you can apply formatting to this data just as you would with a static spreadsheet. And you will look like a data badass. So there's that as well.