Some facts about Jeff Ogden

by Jeff Ogden
This Saturday I want to share a few facts you may not have known about Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. This is a story all about Jeff Ogden, a short recap of my life. Hope you like it. My LinkedIn profile button is at the top right and I do have lots and lots of LinkedIn connections (Over 2,600), if you want to check it out and connect. That’s a blogging best practice.Read the full article

Best-Selling author Dave Kerpen on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show, with a special intro, Dave Kerpen, best-selling author and business leader, shares key tips on how to grow YOUR business. Check out the special intro and maximize the window for optimal viewing. 1) Why active listening is a key skill for you 2) To navigate the world of social media, go where your buyers are. (Ask them) 3) Why Dave writes three hand-written Thank You notes first thing every morning. Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of the likeable company Find New Customers (http://www, It also premieres every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT at Marketing Made Simple TV (