DeNA, Marvel Annouce Marvel Mighty Heroes for iOS, Android

Today, DeNA and Marvel Entertainment have announced the development of Marvel Mighty Heroes for iOS and Android devices. The game will feature real-time competitive and cooperative multiplayer game modes, as players recruit a group of their favorite Marvel superheroes and villains. As players build their team of heroes and villains, they’ll encounter characters including Iron ...Read the full article

Marvel Mighty Heroes Announcement Trailer

Marvel Mighty Heroes is coming soon for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Vote now for your free hero at launch! The Universe is under siege by the forces of evil and it’s up to you to assemble a team of your favorite Marvel heroes or villains and defend the world from complete destruction! No true hero can ever do it alone, so you’ll be smashing and blasting through danger with up to 3 other heroes from around the world, in REAL-TIME 4-PLAYER CO-OP action! Follow Marvel Mighty Heroes on Facebook for exclusive content: