10 Google Analytics Tips for Measuring Content Performance

by Jeff Sauer
Everything is content. Especially in a post-panguin world. Content is on our minds, invading our subconscious and eating the world. Content is king and queen. Heck, it’s the entire court. All this talk of content, but do we have the slightest idea how to measure the content we are creating? Once again, Google Analytics comes to the rescue! Measuring content in Google Analyt ...Read the full article

Jeff Sauer - "Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website"

While over 75% of all websites have Google Analytics installed, most site owners don’t get beyond the first page when measuring their website performance. They are missing out on a wealth of information for how to draw in more visitors, reach your goals and improve your results. This workshop will help you go beyond the first page of reports and learn how get more from your analytics. Learn how to set goals, mine insights, and many more practical tips to improve your results.