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5 Steps to a Perfectly Optimized Blog Post If you've been doing your search engine optimization (SEO) research, you know how important maintaining a blog can be to your website's SEO. You've no doubt come across the benefits of blogging for your business in countless articles and—not without irony, I know—in blog posts across the web.Read the full article

  • Monkey steals camera to snap himself - 22 readers, 7891 Tweets - A macaque monkey in Indonesia took a camera from a wildlife photographer before snapping himself in a variety of poses.

  • Should You Allow Comments on Your Site? The Pros and Cons - 14 readers, 30 Tweets - We recently reviewed a new blogging platform, Roon, which brings a minimalist and easy-to-use experience to people who need nothing more than a place to share their thoughts and images. Something else Roon brings, however, is a slightly different approach to time-honored blogging feature:  Roon doesn't include comments. Roon is not the only blog...