How to Magically Transform Your Boring Blog Using These 3 Types of Videos

There it is again. The nagging thought that surfaces from time to time: I really ought to use video on my blog. And usually, you try to ignore it. Because making video is totally different to writing, right? And surely you can’t be expected to master everything? But no matter where you look, you find another subtle reminder of the power of video to cast a spell over an audience.Read the full article


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Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Crazy Egg is the heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren't converting. This video was hand-created with care by the folks at Demo Duck (

Are Your Customers and Fans Different People? (with Josh Shipp) If you’re like us, your audience and potential customer are one in the same. If you listen to our podcast, you could be a Fizzler. But what if your audience/readers/fans and customers are different people? What if the people that visit your website aren’t the people that eventually help pay your bills (and vice versa)? In this video Josh Shipp, Youth Speaker and Teen Expert, shares how he found out the difference between the two in his business and what he does to cater to each of them. (Hint: the kids he speaks to aren’t his customer.)

An Introduction to SPI TV

Welcome to SPI TV! In this video, you'll get a quick overview of what SPI TV is all about. A new episode of SPI TV will be released each Friday. Subscribe so you don't miss out, and enjoy!