‘I See Change’ Project Uses Instagram to Track Climate Change

Social media has provided a wealth of data on human behavior that can be studied and quantified. From studies of emotion and other behavioral studies, we can gain a lot of insight from social media activity. However, it’s more rare that we use social media for studying the world around us. A project called I See Change hopes to study climate change through Instagram.Read the full article

  • How to Use Instagram to Track Climate Change

    gizmodo.com - 6 readers, 231 Tweets - In Los Angeles, the transition from spring to summer is heralded by the blooming of jacarandas, a photogenic tree that explodes in bright lavender fireworks and sprinkles flowers across the city like purple rain. But as I Instagrammed my sneakers against the rubbery petals the other week, I had a nagging feeling—this was way too early for jacara...