Stop the Checklist Mentality: Why You May Not Need a New Video, Podcast or Infographic

by Michele Linn
Admittedly, I was cranky with sick kids and snow days when I started this post (OK, rant), but even though spring and health are upon us my feelings haven’t changed: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This, of course, can apply to many things, but this year I have read too many blog posts that tell brands that they should jump into video, audio, and infographics.Read the full article

McDonalds Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pay With Lovin

McDonald's Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pay With Lovin. McDonald's Super Bowl 2015 TV Spot, 'Pay With Lovin'. In the Super Bowl 2015 commercial for McDonald's, the fast-food chain announced it will be randomly accepting a new form of payment: lovin'. Methods of payment include calling Mom to tell her you love her, telling your son what you love about him, dancing on the spot, giving a family hug etc. The alternative form a payment will be effective Feb. 2 through Feb. 14. McDonald's McDonald's 2015 McDonald's commmercial video McDonald's super bowl McDonald's super bowl commercial McDonald's super bowl ad McDonald's super bowl advertisement McDonald's super bowl commercial video McDonald's super bowl 2015 McDonald's super bowl 2015 commercial McDonald's super bowl ads McDonald's super bowl 2015 ads McDonald's super bowl 2015 advertisement McDonald's super bowl commercial 2015 McDonald's nfl McDonald's nfl commercial McDonald's nfl 2015 commercial McDonald's nfl 2015 McDonald's advertisement McDonald's advertisement 2015 McDonald's commercial McDonald's tv commercial McDonald's advert McDonald's advertorial McDonald's 2015 commercial McDonald's add McDonald's ads McDonald's tv ads McDonald's tv advertisement McDonald's advertisement video McDonald's commercial tv McDonald's commercial 2015 McDonald's new commercial McDonald's commercial new McDonald's commercials McDonald's ad McDonald's 2015 super bowl #mcdonals #super #bowl #2015 #commercial