Uber’s Hiring an Editor to Develop Owned Content Under David Plouffe

by Joe Lazauskas
In 2015, the maxim of “everyone’s a publisher” is quickly being replaced with “everyone’s a media company,” as a number of brands go all-in on content marketing by building robust editorial and creative teams. First it was Marriott. Then it was Starbucks. Now it’s a slew of others, including Casper, Dollar Shave Club, and Uber, which recently posted a job listing on its website ...Read the full article

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    blogs.wsj.com - 33 readers, 816 Tweets - Many companies have hired editorial staffers in recent years to write content for their blogs and be their voices on social media. Now, some are going further by building full-blown media properties of their own.Take startup mattress brand Casper, for example. The company is currently hiring journalists and gearing up to start its own standalone...