Find New Markets with Real-time Data: A Case Study with CyberGhost

This is the story of how CyberGhost—an online privacy service based in Bucharest, Romania—used advanced real-time data and geo-targeting to gain 30,000 new users and help to fight against internet censorship. To fight against internet censorship, you need to spot trends before they become mainstream news stories. Last year, CyberGhost began detecting local conversations in Turkey.Read the full article

  • Turkey Twitter ban: Constitutional court rules illegal - 8 readers, 57 Tweets - Turkey's ban on the social media site Twitter violates freedom of expression and individual rights, the country's constitutional court has ruled.

  • Turkey Bans Twitter - 15 readers, 1852 Tweets - Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated his intention to block the social micropublishing network—"We'll eradicate it"—hours before cutting if off. During mass demonstrations in Istanbul over the summer, he labeled social media society's "worst menace"