The Fat Jew’s guide to modern branding

by Caroline Bottger
Basic bitches rejoice: Josh Ostrovsky, better known as social media performance artist and Instagram’s @thefatjewish, revealed that he is releasing a line of rosé just in time for summer. The name? White Girl, of course, with the tagline “This is so us.” The rosé is a year in the making. Last August, the New York Post reported a shortage at several Hamptons wineries and restaurants.Read the full article

  • Rosé running dangerously low in the Hamptons - 4 readers - We hear rumblings that restaurants and wine shops are low on local favorite Wölffer Estate and others.

  • Instagram star 'The Fat Jew' launching 'White Girl' rosé - 5 readers, 167 Tweets - The bearded, bellied comic’s vino is called “White Girl” and the tag line is, “This is so us.”

  • Hi I'm the Fat Jew| United States - 7 readers - I’m New York City’s fanciest, sleaziest, hunkiest, ruggedest, bummiest, and sauciest. I’m the ugly Rob Lowe. I’m into pedicures, Tony Danza, honey mustard, ribbed turtlenecks, loofahs, frenzied behavior, tasteful floral arrangements, Jewish girls from Long Island, and making poor decisions.