Throwback Thursday: A very ’80s supercut

For our inaugural Digiday Throwback Thursday supercut, we’re taking you back to the 1980s, a simpler time, before DVRs or Roku, when you had to actually sit through commercials on television. To inform our millennial readers (and take Gen Xers on a New Coke nostalgia trip), we tracked down some of the best ’80s ads.Read the full article

Throwback Thursday: A very '80s supercut

It’s throwback Thursday, and we’re taking you to the '80s with this video supercut of commercial gems. Remember phrases like “Pardon me. Would you have any Grey Poupon?” or “Where’s the beef?” Ads back then also reminded us to stay hydrated, whatever your drink of choice: Miller Lite, Kool-Aid, Oceanspray, or Diet Pepsi. The Energizer Bunny and Bud Light’s party animal also make cameos in this nostalgic tribute to the commercials of the '80s.