In Powerful New Doc, Heineken Revives Brazil’s Wildest Party Alley

by Amanda Walgrove
Come summer 2016, all eyes will be on Rio De Janeiro, the city hosting the next Olympic Games. But even before sports fanaticism takes over, Heineken is calling attention to a near-forgotten hub of Rio’s cultural legacy in its new documentary, Beco das Garrafas. Translated to “Bottles Alley,” Beco das Garrafas is a bar that received its name from stories of rowdy patrons gett ...Read the full article

BECOdasGARRAFAS documentary ENG

Heineken, the leading premium beer in the world, launched on April 30rd, the short documentary Beco das Garrafas held with the branded content consulting and co-production of Patrícia Weiss and directed by Paula Trabulsi, from ( International Collective of Storydoers ).
The premiere happened in an extraordinary session at Cine Caixa Belas Artes, in São Paulo, Brazil, on TV and on internet and tells the story of the traditional "cradle of Bossa Nova" at Duvivier street in Rio de Janeiro and its revitalization.