Mobile Game Roundup: Digit & Dash, Splish Splash Pong and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? What about Oddwings Escape, the debut title from Small Giant Games, which challenges players to free birds from an evil scientist’s research lab? Are you looking for an RPG instead? Gamevil’s newest title, Dragon Blaze, lets iOS and Android gamers save humanity from a war against dragons and other vile creatures.Read the full article

Plancon: Space Conflict Official Trailer

App Store Stars favor the brave! Game features: - Develop your character and your team. - Real-time or turn-based modes. - Become a pirate, a merchant, a thief, a soldier – anyone! - Buy a battleship or your own space station. - Epic story quest plus a number of side quests. - Explore dozens of mysterious planets!